Since last year, I have been posting information about fundraisers for servers. And that is because servers get sick -- just like we all do. But, unlike many, most servers do not have access to healthcare.

When a server is sick... when we can't or aren't allowed to work, due to illness or injury... there are no paid days off, no personal time, no help with medical bills. If you are a server, were a server, are married to a server, or your child is a server, then you know the absolute fear we feel when faced with the thought that we might need to see a doctor. Because what if something really is wrong? What then? For many of us, the option to see a doctor and getting the financial help that we need when we're sick can and WILL make the difference between getting better and getting worse, improving or deteriorating, living and dying....

What I am proposing with The Servers Well is to create a nonprofit organization (that I will start and run with help from my sister, friends, and family) which will have the sole purpose of raising and dispersing money (year-round) to servers who are injured, laid off, or genuinely ill for at least three weeks. Basically... what I am promising is this... if you are hurt or sick or worse, then I will be there for you and fight to make sure that you have what you need when you actually need it. I will be relentless and passionate, and I will blow up Facebook on behalf of you and your family the way you have probably seen me do for others. I'm not saying that we can do everything, help everyone, or save every sick server, but I am promising to try.

The Servers Well is a concept born out of necessity. We keep having fundraisers when something bad happens to one of us (and I say this with love because I am one of the people throwing the fundraisers). So, yes, we keep raising money, which is wonderful, but, in many cases, we're starting too late. We need to be more aggressive. We need to get out in front of this before it's too late for any more of us... before it's too late for even ONE more of us.

To do all of this, we need to get incorporated and file for nonprofit status, which will take a little time and money to do correctly. But, once that is taken care of, I can start applying for grants, almost daily, and I can raise money for the Dallas service industry, a group of people who I couldn't love more if I tried. I promise that I can raise money.... I can't stop cancer or fires or car accidents, but I can raise money, and I will do that for you. I will do that for all of you, if you ever need it.

As a nonprofit organization, I can actively pursue money and funding that I cannot pursue as a single person, and I will have the power to fight for each of you, should you ever be on the receiving end of bad news.

What I need from each of you is the promise that you will support me so that I may continue to support all of you. I promise to do whatever I can, whenever I can, and you in turn, just have to show up. Come to an industry night when it benefits The Well. If you have a little extra, give a little extra, but do so with the knowledge that if and when, God forbid, you should need it, someone will be putting in a little extra for you, too.

We have all needed this help at one time or another, so chances are we will all need it again. The time is now. And, I truly believe that this is where we begin. Love and good health to you all -- let's get started. xo